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tv   Newsline  PBS  August 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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kei bound r the he et the nikkei started to decline e t afternoon. however, since not confident about the economy, the gains were limitat eyere focasting sales on the estimate. thus, it fell short last tuda
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investors are now facing the market. in other news investors have gh though a newspaper reported prime minister kan and bank of japan governor will meet t scs e exchange next week because the u.s. government wants to get the benefit of it. if so, the nikkei will likely to get to the 9,000 yen level again. >> that was a market analyst at dio securities capital markets. myanmar will hold the first the general yen marked 15-year high this week. if it stands at 85 yen for a
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year, it will sin t gss domestic product. a survey says expts wl decrease by 1.3% and capital investment will contract by 0 5 0.75%. the center growth is bwe 2% and 3%. however, the estimate also says that at the current level of. traffic on japan's and
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airways remain crowded as people return home for the holiday. expressways, particularly outbound lanes, arjaed th s the heavy traffic is partly due to a pilot pje atas made trave along some sections of the expressways toll-free. flht lvi tyore also fullyood. the traveling congestion will continue throughony wn t holiday makers return to their cities. cics opened in tokyo. more than half a million fans are expected to make vit ov t nt three days. around 35,000 groups are exhibiting published magazines
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tom market this summer. some of the words are based on popular character from animations. fans credit theonntn center to buy the published magazines and related goods. there is nothing likehin america. >> the can comic market is held every summer and winter to promote the work of ate arst >>the e more than 300,000 unlicensed school teachers in china but they are not illegal. they are so-cle ctien teachers that work in a rural area where licensed teachers are
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in short supply. the chine geren i hoping to replace them with college-educated teachers but many cities have no oi. eyavto rely on these contingent teachers. >> reporter: the small village lies deep in a monday tan nous area. the population is a mere 500. this brick house is an elemta scol the only school in this village. 28 village pupils are studying here. their teacher is a 34-year-old mawho teaches all kinds of subjects to pupilsf dfent ages at the same time. he was also born and raised in the village. several years after graduated
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high school, he started working as a contingent teacher here a thviaglaed schl teachers. most of the contingent teachers are not college graduates and are already in their 40s or de the reality is that it is extremely difficult for them to get a teacher's cee. >> translator: i don't have a teacher's license but i've been teaching children for 21 years. i don't think i'mnfio t a young college-educated teacher with a license. >> reporter: this small village make as living fromarngnd forestry. but people cannot unless young op lve to become young migrant workers. the budget is also tight. the villageasado lensed teachers come to settle here.
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now all three teachers are continnt e veme h declared policy to get rid of the con continue jebt teachers but the head of the village it a loss of what to do. >> translator: even if teachers come here, they leave after a few months as our villageag bend cities in every way. if we lose our contingent teachers, wl ceerus problems in education. >> reporter: he tries to look after his pupils even after school. on this day he visit a hef a girl with one of his best pupils. he helps her do the day's homework and teachers her mover. >> translator: my teacher is strict so lrn lot from him. i want to study more to be a tehe d ache children in our
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village inn the future. >> reporter: but the girl faces nyhaens achieving her dream. she's too busy to study properly. she has to help with household chores as her father is away om homeworking to support his family. and her mother does not share he dream. >> translator: i hope your daughter enter asreigus college. >> she doesn't need an education. >> translator: men and women are equal today. >> the monthly salary is about $20, less than one tenth of the scol teacher's wage. he lives in fear of the future but he cannot quit as he's not completed s mission. >> translar: most of our children don't go to junior high school. even if they do, after
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graduation they go to the cities to work and then they ve a baby. this pattern repeats itself. seeing children smiling mes me think that they have infinite potential. i don't mind hardship. i want to continue helping them and open the way to a bright future. >> reporter: the contingent teachers are still needed in rural areas, despite the government's policy. a lot needs to be done if every child in this country is to get an equal chance for education, which will youallow them to dre of a better future. well, analysts insist that the contingent teachers should be rewarded for the many years they've contributed to teaching. they should be given assistance even after they retire.
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railway companies face a crisis. the customers are old, the birth rate is dropping, and the number of passengers is dropping. in this report, we see how one railway company is rising to the challenge. >> reporter: this rail service, one of the capital's busiest, stretches for about 30 kilometers west from the central tokyo area into the suburbs. the tokyo corporation owns and operates the line. commuter service started fanning out from the capital around
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1970, during japan's explosive economic growth. as the corporation lay new tracks into tokyo's outskirts, it also built communities there that attracted young families. but for the past seven years, the area's population has been declining. the residents have grown old. the birth rate has dropped. tokyo corporation's success has always been closely linked to the growth of these railway towns. if the population keeps decreasing, the company will start losing revenue. the company's three business pillars, railroads, retail, and realty, all face a downturn that could send the company into a crisis. >> of course, the number of customer also decrease. beyond that, as the area's population continues to age, the number of active people have also decreased. when fewer people are active,
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the entire town tends to suffer. >> reporter: so the corporation came up with a new strategy. generation circulation. first, tokyo corporation offers incentives to elderly couples to move out of their houses and into apartments near the train station. then the company renovates the empty houses and sells them to young couples who want to raise a family. this family took advantage of the offer and moved out of their house and into an apartment. she suffers from leg pain and it's hard to walk upstairs. this is close to shops, hospitals, and other conveniences. >> we had to think about taking
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care of ourselves because we have leg and back trouble. so we had to move out. this family has two children. they decided to move out of their cramped apartment to give their children space to grow and play. >> translator: i wanted to give my children the things we didn't have before, like a spacious house, the garden, a wooden deck, and so on. so i'm very happy. >> it really feels like our business model is going through a major shift. we need to take part in city development and approach revitalization like any capable business. >> reporter: the tokyo corporation has helped 60 families find new home this is
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way. the company's survival depends on finding alternatives to their outdated business model. and now to more news making headlines at this hour. details of the death of thousands of japanese soldiers and civilians who died overseas during world war ii have been made public. the records are available on the welfare ministry's website. this included soldiers with whom contact had been lost during overseas operations and were presumed dead. most of the documents were eventually discarded. but the ministry recently discovered 4,296 of the inquests still in its archive. the ministry says documents are valuable, historical material showing where and how these people died. one of the documents shows that
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a japanese soldier died in a camp in the former soviet union. another soldier killed himself with a grenade after he suffered a serious injury in the philippines. myanmar will hold the first general election in 20 years on november 7th. the military ruled country's election commission announced the date on friday on state-run television. 40 political parties are registered. the larger is the un solidarity and development party. it's led by the prime minister and backed by the military government. opposition leader's national league for democracy is boycotting the vote. her party was officially disbanded in may for refusing to register under laws instituted by the military rulers. western countries in japan have denounced the loss as unfair. myanmar's government is rejecting the international criticism. it argues that several pro-democracy parties are running in the general election. the military rulers say the poll is aimed at establishing
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civilian rule in the country. researchers in japan have developed a new textile aimed at helping those with skin allergies, that includes mite dirt and allergens. ionic technologies are given a charge and that causes more allergens to stick to the fabric than the person's skin. the fabric can be washed a number of times and still keep the properties. they plan to use the technology to produce underwear and children's clothing for sale this fall. state-of-the-art planetarium is capable of projecting more
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than 22 million stars. the planet tear yes, ma'am is cutting-edge projector can display stars of different times and places and seasons. visitorses can use binoculars to observe smaller stars, including the milky way. they want to expand children's interest in astron me by showing stars as they appear in outerspace. now let's bring you a look at the weather forecasts from around the world. there's still going to be a lot of significant rain up here in the northeast. we've got a front line draped across japan.
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korean peninsula into northern japan. it's had quite a lot of rain in the last few days. so flooding possibilities here through the weekend. another area of low pressure over the northeast is going to keep things very wet and unsettled through the weekend, too. i want to draw your attention to this area over here which is going to be getting some very heavy rain over quite a wide area, as much as 100 millimeters. this is another area to watch. things are much drier down here to the south and east. monsoon rains will be kicking up through the weekend. 33 degrees for the high. manila, also 33. unsettled for shanghai at 38. absolutely blistering. mostly dry for tokyo. 33 and a cool day, 15 for the high and probably evening showers. all right. into north america, it's across the north that we're going to be seeing the severe weather. we have a few systems here bring widespread rain across central
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canada down into the midwest here. al bett alberta, down into the far eastern dakotas, wisconsin, minnesota, severe weather is taking place as well as for some very strong gusts. possibly tornadoes. maybe hail in there as well. down into the southeast it stays very wet here, too. but miami you should be dry on your friday and into saturday. so that's a welcome break from the storms that you've been seeing. lots of heavy rain across mexico and mexico city getting downpours as well. out to the west, you're looking really, really good. nice in seattle and vancouver. 28 and 26 respectively. lots of sunshine here. a great place to be but all of the heat is continuing across the south and the east. 34 in atlanta and 37 in houston. let's take a look at what is going on in europe. it's a similar picture to what we've been seeing this week because it's the same system that we've been looking at. moving towards the central porg
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portions, still quite unsettled for the british isles. across england, particularly. and then the front coming down through scandinavia and into central portions of germany and northern italy. some of that is going to be pretty severe. a possibility for some flooding as well. another low pressure here will bring wet weather across eastern spain. as to the east, western russia, ukraine, we could be dealing with that moisture, i'm afraid, not more than a few showers coming through. but temperatures are going to stay way above average. 30 degrees in moscow on your saturday. 37 in kiev. absolutely sweltering. out to the west, it's much cooler here. london, 20. heavy downpours for you and 22 in paris. all right. here is your extended forecast.
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that is all for now on "newsline." thank for watching and have a good day.
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